Be careful and responsible with your writing!!!

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Here is the old story rises back to the surface. Perhaps we all can learn better with this case. I follow the story from here and here. Let these pictures tell the story first..

Tweet 1 (from :

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CBR 150 R launched with 33 million..

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New CBR 150 R

On thursday (30/6), the new CBR 150 R finally launched in Indonesia. This bike is imported on completely build-up (CBU). There are no complaint about the performance of this bike but some “pros & contras” about the design. Its all about someone tastes indeed. But if I have to spent 30 million up to buy this machine, I think it is not a good choice. Just as AHM did in the past…sorry to say…it still too much “price” I have to deal with (….instead of “overprice”??). Though the main reason is the CBU condition, the price is “too high”. And there is only a little chance to get under 30 million for this bike though it assembled in Indonesia.

…nice machine without a good price..

What bikes are in these new patents???

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Honda is just patents their new design. Here are the pictures..

Honda patent image (1)

Honda patent image (2)

Honda patent image (3)

These images I got from visordown.

CBR250R finally launched in Indonesia..

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Today, the CBR250R launched officially in Indonesia. It comes with two option, standard and ABS, with three colours Candy Ruby Red, Simple Sword Metallic,and Asteroid Black Metallic. PT. Astra Honda Motor, Indonesian principal for Honda, give special prize for those two variant. The standard version cost 39,9 million while the ABS version cost 46,5 million, both in IDR. With these competitive prices, Honda try to create price war to Ninja 250 which is dominating the 250cc market in Indonesia. The ninja it self cost 46,5 million, same as the ABS version of CBR250R. Thus, with better after sales service and brand image, Honda want to achieve 10.000 sale this year. Further information can be found here (in Bahasa).

Available colours





NSF250R,from 2stroke to 4stroke

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The new moto3 machine from Honda has been revealed. The name was NSF250R, replacing the its name before, NRS250. The bike, as stated from HRC, was aimed for a high-performance, lightweight, and compact racing machine. Thus allowing the RS125R user to get the same feeling that RS125R provide before.

Here is the NSF250R image, compared with the last version of RS125R.

Honda NSF250R (previously : NRS250)

Honda RS125R (discontinued)

With this NSF250R development, Honda wants to share dreams and excitement to their customers so that they can realize their dream to become a MotoGP champion rider

Where is indonesian racer???

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Being the biggest contributor for motorcycle market did not make Indonesia as target for professional racer development. After controversial story of Doni Tata in GP racing, Indonesia now doesn’t have any racer on all GP class.  The Doni project it self in my perspective is just for advertising and penetrate the market. Are there no good racer from Indonesia?? I doubted that….

Doni : the last Indonesian racer in GP racing

This is very different story to tell if we look at Thailand or Malaysia. Thailand still support Willairot in Moto2 class whereas Malaysia support Zulfahmi in his GP125 second year career.

Indonesia?? You will only see a slogan, Satu Hati otherwise SEMAKIN DI DEPAN, both the same…only for advertisement. It’s a shame that all effort on GP racing is just for advertising, then if you buy either moped or sportbike you will only be notified that ” it is the winning machine on GP!!”

….i just hope there will no SEMAKIN PASRAH in GP racing………..

Why did you do this to us….??

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Design…it is up to motorcycle manufacturer to sketch it, hope their design be the most beautiful one. Some bikes got nice art work on first launch, and then they got re-design based on their market location. But if it slightly differs with the original design, and “perhaps” beyond customer expectation….what will you say??

This case still is still topical on Indonesia, especially on the Blogs zone, about the “Klingon” look a like head lamp design. Here are some of them :

new fazer 250

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What is GP machine most wanted ever??

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MotoGP bike will always give fantasy to us about the feeling it gave when we ride it on track. creates simple survey to see what is the “most wanted” GP bike on people mind. They give all bike, from first era of 4 stroke Grand Prix racing to the present day. The bike ranging from 990cc to 800cc from all manufacturer. Here is the result I captured last few days :

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From Paris with Race….

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The news came from, saying that Paris Hilton will launch her GP125 Team this Saturday (December 18th) , which will compete in the 2011 125cc World Championship.

Super Martxe Paris Hilton Racing Team

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Gardner point of view…about Rossi

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Wayne Gardner, former GP500 world champion, talked about Rossi’s moves to Ducati and his performance on Valencia test. As we know, the 9 times world champion thrown out from top 10 standing for fastest lap. With this result, many people doubted Rossi’s chance to get in front again for 2011 triumph.

Wayne Gardner on his NSR

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